Hey Lovelies (my petite sisters)

How y’all doing? Well as a petite person myself i know how cumbersome it is to find the perfect bottoms, many times i have to embark on a grande journey though stores just to find that perfect and flattering bottoms. In this season of maxi culotte, cropped pants etc it is a bother when midriff maxi culottes or cropped pants look cropped on every one else except you. Culottes can be tricky so its best to follow these guideline:

1. Try on a shorter structured form with  high waist this would help lengthen your legs. Also try them one really sparse print as very loud print tends to overwhelm a dainty figure.

2. Things on the hanger look really different than they would on the body so its best to try it out and see if they fit because you would be able to see how you look in the mirror.

3. If there is a petite section in the store try it, there you would find the perfect fit .

4. Hemlines are really important, you do not want them too tight because they would stop blood floor so for a petite lady the culottes hemline should be just below the knee or longer if you want it.

5. Fabrics and style need lift and that’s what heels provide. therefore heels are a most that way you get to show off your fancy foot work.

6. Well a lot of people are really uncomfortable on heels and most times heels are really uncomfortable for running around so if you are petite and you don’t want to wear heels then go for pointy toe flats that would help elongate your feet.

7. Lastly balance the bottom with the top by defining your waist. Choose a crop top or jumper or sleek blouse and make ssure to tuck in the tops that need tucking in.

Here are maxi culottes style that would inspire you.



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