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Several rules exist in matching outfits and one of them is that you don’t have to match things exactly. Yes! The fact that you are emphasizing on a matching outfit especially with your kids doesn’t mean you have to wear exactly the same style or totally the same fabric.

Of course, we are much conversant with situations whereby parents just feel the need to sew a new outfit for their kids, simply because they have few yards of the material left, not because they felt the need to include their kids in their fashion budget at first. So in order not to make the material wasted, they then resort to Plan B, which is that of making one for the mini-me, which absolutely results in the Mini-me fashion trend.

Besides, there’s equally no restriction to the matching outfits game; you simply go for the material that best suits you.

You see mums or dads wearing a complete Ankara material, while their kids usually combine theirs with other plane materials. So whatever you choose to do in the issue of rocking the matching outfits, you are absolutely free, as the sky is big enough for every bird to fly.

However, it’s amazing how the Ankara fashion is now popular worldwide. Black designers are really doing a great job in using Ankara fabric to make unique designs which can compete with the regular Top brands we see on the high street today.

Matching outfits with your kids shouldn’t be an issue because we are always here to inspire you. Here are the matching outfits for parents and kids;


Hello World


Asoebi styles

Ankara styles


Asoebi Bella

Yk Fowler

Meez fabulouz

Meez Fabulous

Lex Allure



These matching outfits look just too amazing!

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