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Ladies are so in love with beautiful nail polish colours such that they can go the extra miles to get them. Obviously, these nail polishes won’t be dormant; they must perform the task for which they were bought. It becomes so bad that your nail bed has become permanently coloured, loosing its pretty white nature. This usually happens when you have forgotten to use your base coat. Fluorescent varnishes can sometimes bleed into the nail surface such that no amount of scrubbing with acetone and cotton pads can take off these resilient stains. However, you can methodically lift the faint colour using some manicurist-approved steps.



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Here are manicurist-approved steps on wiping off nail polish stains that acetone won’t wipe away;

1. Use a cuticle remover all over the nail bed, leave for at least a few minutes, and scrape the nail with a rounded cuticle pusher. You easily get rid of the remaining colour of any hard-to-reach corner of your nails with the help of this cuticle remover.

2. To break the seal of nail polish so that the remover can deeply penetrate, apply a drop of cuticle oil on the nail bed, and lightly buff out the first layer of staining.

3. You can also use oil-enriched acetone to soak the nails as you would when removing gel polish, if you still got nail polish stains. Simply wrap the fingers in cotton saturated with acetone, cover with foil, leave this for at least ten minutes and watch it wipe off easily.

4. Use an old toothbrush to scrub nails with whitening toothpaste or a mix of baking soda and water, as a final resort. These alkaline solutions will help lift the final bit of staining from your digits.

These steps will surely help remove a good bit of the nail polish stains!

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