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Giving yourself a manicure is something that we always do when we just can’t make it or be bothered to head to the nail salon but as harmless as it might be to give ourselves a manicure if we don’t do t correctly we might end up harming our self, asides that, a mistake can ruin our good job so here are some tips on how to correct our manicure mistakes;



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1. Not applying the Base Coat: A base coat is just like primer which you use before foundation and this automatically mean its really necessary. To seal of the natural oil on your nail and to help the nail polish last longer you need the help of the base coat.

2. Cutting your cuticles: Your body is supposed to have cuticles so instead of cutting them off and giving yourself a potential infection, simple soften and push them back with a cuticle remover.

3. Not keeping your tools clean: Putting your tools in a sealed bag just allows bacteria fester. so remember that every-time you use your tools its important to sanitize them with antibacterial soap to prevent contamination.

4. Cleaning up mistakes with a cotton bud (Q-tips): Many times when we paint outside our nail we try to clean our mistakes so we use a cotton bud or cotton wool which might leave strands of wool on the nail messing up the entire paint. Instead of this simple push the polish off when having a shower or use an old makeup brush, simply soak in nail polish remover and wipe the mistake away.

5. Thick Coats: Using thin coats of paint dries faster than thick coats, so its better to apply four thin coats than two thick coats which would end up getting smudged and bubbly. This rule is exclusive of the top coat which is naturally made to be thick.

6. Shaking the nail polish: When you shake your polish it traps little air inside which causes bubbles. Instead of shaking simple roll around so it would form tiny pockets.

7. Humidity: Always apply nail polish in cool and dry places because humid environments always prevents a nail polish from drying.

8. Nail Filling: Filling nails in a back and forth movement causes tiny tears and splits which could turn into slits so its best you file in one direction, this would give your nail a smoother and more refined finish.

9. UV light: The Uv lights can age your hands so instead of using the UV light its best to sit around and air dry it or use the fan elements which are usually attached to the Uv light.

10. Washing: Hot water lifts the paint off the nail casing it to chip, therefore when washing your dishes you can as well use a glove or use medium temperature water that’s if you want your nail polish to last.

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Which one of this mistakes are you guilty of committing? Lets here it… Reply by leaving your comments in the comment box below.

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