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The day of luvvv is fast approaching, its only a few days away. Now a number of you might think its a bit corny to celebrate valentine’s day but you know when you don’t receive a gift from bea then it becomes a problem. Well this makeup tutorial is for those who have a date on the day of love whether its your first date or not this makeup tutorial is what you need to look absolutely fabulous on Sunday (Valentines’s Day).

The best part about valentine’s day on Sunday is the fact that you have time to prepare and that’s why this makeup tutorials comes in early this week so you can watch it enough times to be able to recreate it when you need to. I always advice you test it out, try recreating this look on Saturday so it would look perfect on Sunday when you do it again.

Hello World

Here’s what you need for this look;

  • Mac-natural radiance primer+prep.
  • The Professionals-benefits (oil block).
  • L’oreal-Infallible (Foundation).
  • Puff Foam.
  • Nars-caramel (concealer).
  • Sasha powder-buttercup (for baking).
  • Ruby Kisses-go brow eyebrow kit.
  • Mac-pro palette concealer.
  • Mac-Rubenesque.
  • Ruby Kisses- bign’ beautiful (eye-shadow palette).
  • LA-girl-lashes.
  • Ruby Kisses- boom boom fatty mascara.
  • Ruby Kisses-ahh-mazing bottom mascara.
  • Terrecota- guerlain bronzer.
  • Ruby Kisses-lip emollient (lip primer).
  • Mac-cantaloupe (blush palette).
  • Mac-glorify, wisper of gult (highlight).
  • Mac- In anticipation (lip liner).
  • Ruby Kisses- matte lip lacquer

Watch vlogger Irischel507 transform in the valentine date night makeup tutorial;

Source: YouTube-Irischel507
Remember you want to look good but you still have to stay true to your feautures not unter them entirely.
What do you think of this makeup tutorial? Hit or Miss? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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