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When last did you get a good makeover? Makeup not only changes your look, it also gives you confidence as there is nothing as wonderful as looking good. Many of us are ultimately too tired or stressed to take a look at what we are doing to our self, some of us don’t even know the first thing about makeup not to talk about achieving a complete face transforming make-over.

How to achieve complete face transformation with makeup:

A good makeup has limitless effects, it not only transforms your face it makes your whole being engaging, appealing and bright.What you need to know are as follows:

1. The first step to achieving the perfect made up look is to have the tools, by tools i mean your complete makeup kit. This kit doesn’t have to be the professional standard issue just get the items which include; The brushes, Foundation,  Concealer, Primer, Eye-shadow kit, Lip gloss, Lip stick, Eye pencils, Bronzer and Blush

2. When buying a makeup product, make sure to visit the right retailers that way the product gets tested on your skin to show if its perfect and right for your skin tone.

3. Practice; practice makes perfect is definitely not a myth, there is a lot of wisdom in that saying, before you are a pro you have to practice that way after a short while you would be close to perfection.

4. This part is pretty important; download videos and watch how makeup is done. I cannot over emphasize this enough as we learn faster when we watch how a complete makeup transformation takes place.

A good makeup is not so hard to achieve ones you follow the rules above. To further inspire you I’ve decided to create a look book that would display gorgeous make overs and show you the effect of a perfect makeover.


1. Color Mix

Color Mix

Color Mix

Hello World

2. Covering Effect 2

Covering Effect 2

Covering Effect 2

3. Eyebrow Effect

eyebrow effect

Eyebrow Effect

4. Eyeshadow Effect

eyeshadow effect

Eyeshadow Effect

5. Foundation Effect

Foundation Effect

Foundation Effect

6. Lip Effect

lip effect

Lip Effect


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