A lot of women secretly wish they had fuller and plumper lips, some even go to the extent of getting surgeries, well if you are not into surgeries or you don’t have the money to perform one, whatever your reasons are here are some tricks and secrets that would help you get fuller lips without all the rigors.


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Shiny Lips: I for one don’t like shiny lips but shiny lips make our lips look fuller, so if you are into shinny lips and have a thin lip then this is perfect slather a bit of tinted shiny gloss instead of your normal lipstick.

Blot: this step is usually forgotten even though it’s a regular routine, if you want a fuller and plumper lip then you have to follow this routine. Blot your lips after the first application and then re-apply the lipstick again, it’s that simple

Warm Shade of Lipstick: If you absolutely love your lipsticks then a warm toned lipstick would help your lips look fuller, nothing too light or dark in between is just right.

Lip Plumping Gloss: This one is perfect especially when you are in quite a rush and still want to make your lips appear fuller. Just put on a bit and voila! You are good to go.

Two Shades: ombre colored two toned lipstick, lip-gloss or lip stain application helps, just line the outer region with a lighter shade once the darker shade have been applied.

Dark Lipsticks: Dark colors make us appear slimmer whether it’s our figure or lips, therefore stay clear of darker colors if you have a really thin lip because they won’t make your lips look fuller and plump.

Concealer: use your concealer as your base before you apply anything on your lips. This would create a smooth surface and that way your lips would look fuller.

Lip Liner:  Contrary to popular belief the lip liner makes a huge difference, your lips look bigger and fuller when you line them and they also help your lipstick stay on longer so your lips look lush and full. Nude eyeliners helps to create a uniform look while still giving off a full look and if you don’t want to use the liner further on your lips simply line the outer region.

Exfoliate Your Lips: This helps get rid of the dry skin at the top, it also helps your lip look fuller and it softens them. You could exfoliate with a soft bristled tooth brush or baking soda. You could exfoliate with cinnamon too as they would instantly wake up your sense and give you an instant plump lip.

Remember ladies, we should not always apply the lipstick even though we love it as it tends to dehydrate the lips so some days should be lipstick free in other to maintain soft and gorgeous looking lips.

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