Make Up Tips For Wedding or Owambe Party


So for some of you that have been requesting that we share some of our makeup tips and ideas with you guys over the past few months. We have finally answered. Sorry it took this long( but then again you can never rush perfection …hehehehe)


Number 1

Have you got some $3xy cheekbones – Then you definitely want to use some blush. Even if you don’t have any cheekbone sef.   Dabbing colors on your cheeks gives you an instant face lift! But please ensure that you use the right colors to match otherwise this one can be a total disaster. (Be careful there!)

Number 2

Now lets talk about your brows – This is usually my favorite part in any tutorial. Make sure that your brows are properly defined and smooth. No pressure. Just apply your mascara with ease and pure smoothness

Number 3

Always get all the paparazzi and attention to your eyes – Allow the  shape your eyes by contouring with a matte dark eye shadow. This does 3 major things, sharpens, darkens and codify your gorgeous eyes!

Number 4

Last but not least. Your Lips!- Use a color that is bright and calm so you can appear dashing in selfies and all them paparazzi pictures. Use liners as well to line all the properties of the your thin cute lips.

We have some of pictures to share with you guys.

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