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I have to admit I didn’t know the existence of a press on nails or stick on nails until recently and ever since I’ve been fascinated by it, not because its so spectacular but because it makes things easier. Just like we have the stick on bra we also have the press on nails or stick on nails anyway you want to call it.

The stick on nails unlike many acrylic looks much more natural and the beauty is they don’t damage your nails as much as acrylic’s do. A stick on nail kit comes in 24 nails of different sizes that means two set. This two sets are of different sizes, one is bigger than the other , pic the set that suits you and leave the other inside the box but make sure you arrange them according to sizes first (it makes things easier).


What you need

Hello World

What you need


Here are the procedure you should follow:

  • Use a polish remover to remove any nail polish on your finger or to generally clean the top of your nail.
  • Push down your cuticles, this helps to get the nail down
  • Cut and file your nails, make sure they are really short so they don’t grow past the press/stick on.
  • File your nails using a nail file or a buffer, make sure they are rough; this helps the glue to stay.
  • Put glue on your nail and press on make sure there isn’t too much glue and make sure it is evenly distributed
  •  Start fixing it in starting from your pinky, press the press on nail and hold for at least 10 seconds wiping any excess glue from around the nail carefully.
  • Break off the tap at the top carefully and then file down any extra tab left there.
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