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So are you a Nigerian that Loves mother Africa?

Many Nigerians are proud of their African heritage, their culture, their ability to be who they are without qualms and this is great stylistically too. Thanks to this general pride and love, we get to see more of our traditional native fabrics like the aso oke, the adire, the akwete, the sheda and of cause the Ankara being used for fabulous and more modern cuts.

Thanks to a world of diverse creativity, these native fabric have been used to create very flattering and attractive pieces. Designers have come up with more ways to completely put the African print on the map as opposed to previous years when it was limited to some specific social set-ups or day of the week.

We’ve previously shared some Ankara styles, debuting different ranges for different women. Most styles are re-imagined to suit the new generation woman and her idea of power, fun and stylish dressing With Ankara pieces that look like active wears to the one’s that are perfect for events, the merging of these new line of creativity with the luxury fabric is to create a consumer friendly environment that would continue to change the way the world see’s African fashion.

There are so many directions to how your Ankara styles can look this month of June but here are a few ideas…

Ankara Styles |June 🌸Look-Book


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