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The beauty of style is being able to create new and interesting ways to rock a piece; maybe you’ve gotten a particular item ages ago and you can’t find new ways to rock it and so this piece is locked somewhere in your closet for a period waiting for you to make it come alive again, when? You do not know.

Now fast forward to the day you go shopping, you see something new that you like and then you make a purchase because its within your budget. You take this new purchase home and you go through your closet searching for the perfect item to wear this new buy with and then you find that old item that you’ve kept and guess what its perfect!

That’s the situation with today’s look… blogger titi’s passion got herself a new skirt which we absolutely love and she paired it with a ruffle shirt that she has had for your years.

This goes to buttress the point that I always make “if Kate Middleton can repeat clothes albeit 4 or 5 years down the line then everyone can feel safe about what they have in their closet”. When you like a piece there is nothing so terrible about having it for years as the case may be.

We are super in love with this look of the day for two reasons, first we can’t get enough of this floral skirt, its absolutely amazing and secondly this is proof that minimal fashion is super amazing.

Affordable fashion

Hello World





Ruffles and pleat

Simple Look



Really close-up

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