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As usual you are aware that we love to put up trends but what happens when you are not interested in whats in vogue at the moment? Fisayo Longe in her post took this point into consideration as she talked about “Why we need to wear what we want?” And as a point to pass her point across she styled the most random maxi dress and turned it into a style that we most try out ASAP.

Why I totally agree with fisayo on wearing what you want, there’s also a part of me that’s a bit taken back – why? Well, to put it simply, there are a lot of people that have issues styling themselves, for example they walk into the store, pick random stuff and pair it in the most atrocious way.  For such people to avoid looking like they were mobbed by animals at the zoo, they look up to the latest style trends as it helps them navigate their way and helps them with their fashion selections.

For today, we have a few trendy pieces in this look book, Fisayo swags up her Maxi dress with a Gucci bag belt,

Let’s take a look at the look of the day – Maxi Dress…

Maxi Dress Swag | LOOK OF THE DAY

Hello World

Source: Mirroeme.com

Be Inspired To Style Your Maxi Dress In The Most Contemporary Way…

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