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Your outside appearance is an essential reflection of your personality on the inside. Clothing’s are not necessarily needed to make you look better but the right pieces would make you feel more attractive in essence it would boost your confidence.

Now scroll down to see the type of clothing/accessories that would amp up your style and look plus keep you looking more attractive;

The Perfect Fitting Dress

A perfect fitting dress is always ideal, depending on what body shape you have an A-line dress is perfect, you can call it shape shifting because it suits every silhouette and there are certainly a number of delicious looking classy dresses that never go out of style.



Hello World


Gorgeous Heels

Some heels are truthfully not for everyone so you can get a platforms or wedges if you are not a thin heel or box heel person person. To maintain a good posture while standing or walking then you have to have on heels they make every outfit bet.

casual winter look, samedelman booties, beanies, www.jadore-fashion.com_8406

Samedelman booties


Well Tailored Pieces

Whatever size you are,once you wear outfits that fits your body  you would notice an instant difference, No matter what you shop for as far as they fit perfectly then you can tell the difference.


Tailored Pant Suit


Eye Catching Jewelry 

Whether its a diamond necklace to sparkle your earlobe a simple pendant to outline your neckline jewelries have a way to dray attention to you.


Dylanlex Neclace


The Right Colors

You have to be a believer of the color theory because it indeed works but this is how it would work for each skin tone… If you are slightly bronzed than wear a white tee, if you are fair skinned go for deep and rich colors if you have dark skin some primary colors would work for you. And of course a monochromatic black or white works for everyone.



Muse: Folake Kuye Huntoon of stylepantry and Stella Uzo of J’adore fashion.

Look and feel gorgeous with this five tips; I hope this tips would help you achieve confidence and style at the same time. Take time to study them and incorporate them into your life.

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