It’s time to take your braid to the next level, so says Madivas Mag. It might be the end of an old year, but its the beginning of a new one and to mark this milestone, we believe that the inspiration you need for your urgent salon appointment is a long braid.

The tittle says “Long Braids” should be your hairstyle of choice for the new year and rightly so. Since its currently trending we believe that this look would play out well into the new year.

If after knowing that the long braids is one of the latest hairstyle and you are still not convinced then you should also know that since the braid is a protective hairstyle it would work well for this season. The dry season can be fabulous but it can be harsh on the body especially because it leaves one’s hair out of moisture hence your hair becomes extremely dry and brittle. One way to maintain and lock in moisture is through the braids hairstyle.

The knowledge of a harsh environmental factor is enough to get you making appointments with your stylist however take a deep breath. You need to first look out for the best ling braid hairstyle that would do well for you this period.


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These Long braid hairstyles are different and I believe you would ind them inspiring and interesting…

What’s your favourite hairstyle from this list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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