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Over the years, we’ve seen some people condemning the faux lashes, while some persons cannot do without it. In all, what is acceptable to Group A could be condemned by Group B. We thought it’s only right to talk about eyelashes; after all a perfect set of brows and a lovely pair of lashes to set them off is indeed an ideal combination. As some of us do know, we have a slight obsession with our eyelashes.

There are so many makeup tutorials on lashes. One great thing about faux eyelashes is that not only do they look great when applied correctly, but they also allow us to create so many different looks simply by changing the style of eyelashes we wear.

We have highlighted some tips when using faux eyelashes such as checking the length of the faux eyelashes, using good quality glue, ensuring the glue is tacky so as to make it easier to apply, placing the lashes in the correct place, blending the lashes with your natural lashes, and many other process.

Lola Oj

Hello World

Well, for most makeup artistes, it’s good to know that they can make money from this art. Besides, it feels so good to finally know even you can put on your faux lashes in seconds and perfectly too!

Do you want to know where you can learn this art from? Well, it’s time to watch a very good makeup artiste fix her own faux lashes right on herself. Lola Oj teaches this simple faux strip lashes application.

Watch this video on faux strip lashes application;

Source: Lola OJ

Applying your faux strip lashes really just got easier with makeup artiste Lola Oj, as you can do it yourself!

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