Hey Divas,

I’m very familiar with how high heels make we ladies feel. Longer legs, good posture and confidence booster, not forgetting how attractive we look. But along with all these comes the pain and discomfort of wearing high heels especially when we want to be like Kim Kardashian walking long distance and  hours on high heels.

Ladies walking on heels

Ladies walking on heels

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As always you want to look chic and classic as ever with our stylish outfits and statement heels then you probably have to keep scrolling for life saving tips to help you walk on those high heels.

  • When you get a pair of shoes, break in them. Try walking around the house in them especially if you need to wear high heels for long period of time plus it gives you an opportunity to practice walking on heels.
  •  Wedges are super comfortable and very stylish at that. Going for wedges can give a whole lot of comfort and less pain even when walking long distances and time.
  • Not everyday 6” heels, opt for kitten heels. They are back in fashion and stylish as ever but also super comfortable and chic.                                                                                                                                                                     black-kitten-heels-6
  • Get Insoles. They are very soft and makes you shoes very comfortable.                                                                                MINI
  • Ensure the shoes fits before getting it. Make sure it’s your size and fits right.
  • Opt for flats whenever possible. Take a break from high heels whenever possible.

Divas, let’s say a prayer for our feet in high heels…May our feet never bleed or blister and our shoes remain pretty and comfortable.

Ladies, what other tips do you think can save lives when wearing high heels? Share with us in the comment box.

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