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It’s no news that Africans love it big when it comes to weddings, so when you tell your friends and family that you want a small wedding ceremony for yourself, they might get offended, that makes you feel like Hey! It’s my wedding not yours!

Well, if you want to organise a small wedding, it doesn’t have to be shabby. You can still put it together and make it a memorable one. Getting married is meant to be a time of celebration and being happy, therefore, nothing should stand in the way even if you are planning a small wedding ceremony.


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Are you planning a small wedding? Make your event worthwhile with these guides:

  • Know that despite the fact that you have a small wedding in mind; it might not be as small as you expect it to be, because there are some people that you can’t help but invite to the wedding.
  • Let your family in on how much you wish to spend on the wedding. Let them know your budget so that they can work with it.
  • When considering the venue, choose a smaller venue according to the number of people you are expecting.
  • Ensure everyone who ought to know is aware you are getting married, that is what is called wedding announcement. It is different from wedding invitation; make them understand the kind of wedding you are having and let them know it is not compulsory they attend. You could also delay the invitation till the last minute, that will help trim down the number of guests you are inviting.
  • For a small wedding, registry might be easier as it is easy to control guests that will attend that way.
  • You can also change the location of the wedding to a place that will not be easy for most people to access. This way they will not feel they were intentionally left behind rather they will see it as a ceremony they could not attend.

It is quite impossible to please people in whichever wedding you choose to have, since the day is all about you, do it in the way that makes you happy. But keep it in mind, in as much as we can’t do without offending people, it shouldn’t be an intentional thing. Try to be considerate with your friends and family, they are only showing how much they love and value you.

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