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Gele has gone far beyond the aso oke or swiss materials. In this generation, we have seen all different materials been used as gele. One of the material we can’t help but talk about is the Ankara material that has been merged into the gele fashion. There is no such thing as bad hair day when you can easily take your Ankara wrapper, scarf or fabric to tie an African inspired head wrap.

Gone are the days of struggling to tie a perfect aso oke gele there are many beautiful ways of of tying a perfect gele with Ankara. Ankara Gele is here to stay. It is beautiful, classy, trendy, and can turn a simple outfit to a gorgeous, glamorous one.

A common norm with the Hausa women, Ankara gele styles has since been embraced by all tribes and has since become a regular sight in the fashion scene. These gele styles are the latest and the trendiest and you’ll definitely fall in love with the different hues and prints.

But how then can you achieve the perfect Ankara gele style? This beautiful gele style is achieved by pleating every inch of the gele or just regarding the normal fanned out gele style. Well this gele tutorial would take you through it and inspire your choice Ankara gele style.

Learn how to tie Ankara gele with Tomis Colour Pavilion

Video Credit- Tomis Colour Pavilion

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