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A beautiful traditional wear is never complete without the Gele head-wrap. Nigerians are best known for incorporating this traditional head-wrap as a part of our look. The art of wearing a local west African cloth or style has to be perfected with the ‘gele’ as a woman or man who is aware of his or her cultures knows that dressing up is equivalent to creating a masterpiece of established textiles and textures. What this simply means is that we fuse our ensembles to give us a beautiful finish like this one below…


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From the above picture you can clearly see how beautiful having the head-wrap complete with a traditional piece can actually look like. With a strong eye for fashion styles and a keen and skillful tailor you too can look like the above lady but that leaves out, what to do with the gele? Depending on where you find yourself, it’s very important that your ensemble is complete, this means making sure that your gele head-wrap is on top your head. Therefore, if you don’t know a basic gele style, this video tutorial is here to correct that.

Have a look at the way to tie a head-wrap; watch the tutorial video…

TUTORIAL VIDEO | Gele Head-Wraps

how to tie gele head-wrap

Source: YouTube Channel- Christiana’s Closet

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