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There are some thing that are worth paying attention to and one of those includes yur outfit choices to church. While we might look so fantastic during the week that we might command hundreds of headlines when it comes down tou what to wear to church on Sunday, you have to take it down a notch.

“Always be on your Sunday best” is a statement that we live by at madivasmag but then we take into cognizance that there are several guides to your “Sunday best”. So before you dive into finding the perfect church outfit for this Sunday lets take some of this truth to heart.

The global fashion engine search is bigger than ever, even here in our own little corner of Africa, we’ve taken fashion in big strides. However, seperating the casual everyday wear from what to wear to church is becoming blurry everyday.

A quick look around would bring the obvious to your eye-sight; many millenials are rocking jeans and tee’s to church nowadays. This style of lackadaisical dressing have always and is still frowned upon.

While, its great to want to keep things simple we mustn’t forget the Sunday-appropriate get up. If a jeans and tee is what you want to wear on Sunday you can make it look better by spotting a blazer, heels and some neck accessories which you can take off after service. This choice is much better than looking like someone who is simple walking down the street.

What you wear on Sunday is so important that we’ve decided to show you samples of the right way to so this. Your look doesn’t have to be elaborate since a service isn’t an owambe however you must put in more effort.

Outfit Ideas For Church


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What do you think? Are these outfit ideas for church worthy of emulation? Tell us in the comment section below.

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