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It is a known fact that the gele or headgear is important to a Nigerian woman. It gives a regal look to her attire and brings out the beauty in her face. There are some occasions that we need the gele to complete our outfit and make it look beautiful. A gorgeous gele style will get you noticed in a crowd, whether in a wedding or any other occasion in Nigeria which we often come across quite a number of Nigerian women rocking beautiful geles.

Back in the day, it used to be worn by women that are high in society but now every one has the privilege to adorn one. There are of course several fabrics that you can use as a gele, the famous one being the aso oke others that follow include the jubilee, Ankara and damask. Gele materials and styles are now advanced, it is are no longer just a head gear but a piece to complement one’s African style. So much creativity has been displayed by the gele artiste to blend with the well-produced materials and to give a more creative outlook, by tying the gele into sophisticated, trendy, fashionable and admirable styles which is why we bought you these latest gele styles…

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Which of these styles is your favourite? Be sure to share with us in the comment box. 

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