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What’s your symbol? What’s that signature look that would make your friends go “Oh there goes so and so…” or “That’s what so and so likes best…”. A signature style is something you are known for; whether you are a red lippy kinda girl or you are the one that loves to play with colours when it comes to your hairstyle, if someone was to describe a thing about you what would they say?

Africa as a continent has a unique signature, and it’s either our fabric or the ever popular “Head-wrap”. Nobody can claim to be the first to try on the head wrap because it has been in our continent for centuries. The head-wrap is such a significant part of our culture and even in the 21st century it is something that people still like love. You would find that the head-wrap is deeply embedded into our rich heritage, it was something that showed off class and style. While  the head-wrap – Gele isn’t a way to show class this days, it still has a lot to do with how fashionable you are.

Well, we are fashionable people that carter to true fashion lovers here at Madivas, and we are excited to show you the gele styles collection that we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure. Keep scrolling to see.

Gele styles Collection | LOOK-BOOK


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