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Against all the odd’s the fashion industry kicked off in Nigeria and today through the hard work of pioneer designers we are enjoying the benefit’s of having the 3 p’s – Patient, Perseverance and Passion because these and other’s attributes are what these pioneers used to achieve international success. Now, having international success has never made a Nigerian designer stay away form the “Aso ebi style” trend, instead it has even endeared them to make the tradition the more interesting by coming up with styles that are literally beyond everything we’ve seen – always. An instance was Deola Sageo‘s Komole’s designs that had a range of aso ebi styles as well as wears for brides to be, I mean it literally broke the Nigerian internet.

Aside’s from Deola, the new age designers like Style Temple, Tubo, Ceo Luminee, Fab Lane by Derin, Toju Foyeh and a host of other’s have conquered the aso ebi styles. These women have become the go-to place for endearing aso ebi styles, there’s nothing ordinary about the styles that they put out, there’s always something new from these ladies and that’s one of the reason’s why the aso ebi style trend stays winning.

My favourite part of the whole situation is having to come here to share with you very interesting styles that we’ve come up upon. Today we have some really endearing aso ebi styles that are totally worth it, keep reading to see;

Latest Endearing Aso Ebi Styles


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