Dressing for work is equivalent to working on a road map to success. The two go hand in hand, wealthy men know the importance of representation and you should too. Your look is a way to strategically propel your career further most especially if you find yourself in an environment that you are super in love with- Your dream job. It is important that your interest doesn’t only lie with your professional day to day activity, it should also lie with how you are perceived physically. Notice a neatly dressed person would be let through the doors quicker that someone who looks scruffy.

The idea of success if matching your brain power with physical attraction. That’s the way the world goes and you too should move that way. To figure out how to go about connecting better through your looks, we’ve gone through selecting some of the best looks for you. These corporate wears are worth looking at as they prove your worth without having to do too much. What is expected of you ‘corporately’ is that you should show off your styles as then it is assumed that your brain capacity measures up.

It’s time to start counting numbers and you do this with a few moves, one being asking sure you have the right closet… here’s a few corporate wear inspirations for you;


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Memory M

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Be Inspired!

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