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Women have more hairstyles than men and there is no doubt about that. We’ve got so many options but the same rules apply and thats picking the right hairstyles that suit your face.

As black women, our kinky hair has made it such that we have a limitless option of the type of hairstyle to make. Since we have several choices its sometimes cumbersome to choose the hairstyle to make sometimes. This is the reason why we need inspiration.

We believe that the experts on hair are the celebrities, because they are in the lime-light, they always change up their look and are more experimental with their looks compared to us mere mortals.

With a new season in full swing its little wonder that many celebrities have switched their hairstyles accordingly, from die-jobs to braids we are sharing our teams favorite latest celebrity hairstyles to help you find the right look for this new month


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This are the latest hairstyles from our celebrities with exception of Ayanda’s (we put that there because this hairstyles is currently in vogue).

Our celebrities are definitely on check with their hairstyles, they experiment and try out different looks. We should be much more proactive with our hairstyles like our favorite celebrity. Even if we are unable to seat down every two weeks or every month we could make wigs which makes life a lot easier.

I have two favorite hairstyles from the look-book (Ayanda’s and Juliet’s) which one is yours? Tell us in the comment section below.

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