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The traditional Nigerian head-wrap is referred to as the ‘Gele’ in Yourba which is a tribe from the western part of Nigeria…

Ardent readers know the above information however there is always the need to consider those that are landing on the page for the first time. To those we say welcome but you could click on this link to get more gele style ideas after going through this one.

Tying gele is something that have been a part of the Nigerian culture for as long as the name Nigeria – or even before that was coined. That definitely is a long time ago and with time comes change as the Gele has steadily evolved in style. These days it’s all about statement making traditional looks that are complete with bling and dazzle. The all-round glam wave affects the head-wrap style as well because most fabrics used for the creation have embellishments, rhinestones and all sorts to make it more attractive. Imagine a simple wedding guest with a fantastic looking gele style what then would a bride have on her own head?

Being a bride has a lot to do with extravagance and that also affects the traditional head piece as the type of style that a bride would wear is completely different from what a normal guest would wear. To this effect we would put up different forms/types of gele styles for brides in the look-book below.

Gele Styles For Brides | Guide-Book


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