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What’s Nigeria without the owambe. Believe it or not the culture of celebration is not something that started recently, we’ve been known to celebrate festivals and our beliefs in community style. What this means is that we love to share our joy with those around us. African’s are known to be neighbourly for lack of a better term, we love to share our joys with people we consider family and it has nothing to do with the blood running through our veins and so when you see that the owambe culture is only getting bigger you can tell that even the new generation is embracing the culture’s of our forefathers.

As part of this elaborate yet beautiful culture, we have to share several types of fabrics or ask our families to get these clothes and they are referred to in the southern part and amongs modern millenials as “Aso Ebi”. Now, lets take a look at some fabulous aso ebi styles…

Aso Ebi Styles | Look-Book


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This looks are definitely what the fashion doctors ordered; beautiful, sleek and very much attractive and that’s definitely the features you want your latest aso ebi style to have.

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