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I mean it’s about time to give the gele artist the genius award. The way they come up with ways to twist and turn the head-wrap is just Ah-Mazing. There’s a new school and a new wave of creativity that’s hit the creatives in Nigeria, bored with one style taking over for months, they came up with several new head wraps. These latest gele styles have a similar structure with a distinctive finish, it’s like adding a personal twist to a look only for it to come off as the ultimate look you others can be inspired by.

Now, while we’ve put the new styles close we’ve also added a bit of the old. This of cause is so that you can be inspired by both old and new. Just because a way of tying a head-wrap isn’t as popping doesn’t make it any less beautiful

The are the Latest 2018 gele styles and we want you to see them so keep scrolling through…

Gele Styles | Look-Book


Hello World








These are the Latest 2018 gele styles and their beauty is impressive; there’s the old with a new twist and the new with similar structures of the old- all in all they make a good look and you should try them soon.

Be inspired by beauty!

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