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I was inspired today by the queen herself Genevieve Nnaji. While I’ve always been a fan of her’s and I have been inspired by the steps she takes and have taken, today after watching that short interview with Richard Quest I was happy about what I do. To me anything that promotes acceptance of our culture is everything to me. Until 3 years ago, the idea of made in Nigeria fashion wasn’t as welcomed as it is now, yes you had socialite’s wearing designs from top power house but it was more for occasion than wardrobe take over.

People have always held western pieces over ours; aso ebi style was surviving while Ankara casual was even barely breathing. This was happening even though for years there have been a campaign on “wear Nigerian/African”; people like Genevieve have for years now been advocates of this concept, the proud #igbo amaka has always loved her Nigerian designers wearing pieces from brands like Iconola, Lanre Da Silva, Deola Sageo and a host of others. And so when in her interview she mentioned how her new movie “Lion Heart” was a means to celebrate all that she loves about her culture I was proud. Because of people like her we have finally come to embrace our fashion industry more than ever before and we are just starting.

The industries growth is also thanks to the creative ingenuity of fashion influencers and designers who have turned the industry into one that creates some of the best looks world wide. This reasons are why we share some of the best looks with you always, we are aware that even you would want to support our culture as well as look like your favourite celebrity and influencer. You can start with the latest aso ebi styles that we would be sharing below.

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