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What’s it like to attend a wedding when you are invisible? That’s a question no ardent reader and follower of MadivasMag should even attempt to answer or should know the answer to. When a person is invisible at a party (invincibility in this case meaning that no one is looking at you or stares at your outfit as you walk past) then there are two problems; one, your makeup must not be enhancing your features and two, your aso ebi styles is probably very bland. In the world of owmabe’s non of these variations are acceptable. A wedding guest who has been invited to celebrate a union or a guest who has been called to come and dance with a new born… there are so many types of owambe but the point is; when you are asked to come and honour a celebration, dressing the part is usually required.

No one wants a party popper or a soar face at their events, it is expected that every guest looks as bubbly and as presentable as they can because this adds to the general aura in the atmosphere. Those who looked drab end up sad and emanate sad vibes (not good for the party). To avoid being one of these people with negative energy around a party then let’s take a look at the latest 2018 aso ebi styles…

👗Latest 2018 Aso Ebi Styles | Look-Book


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These are the latest 2018 aso ebi styles and they are fabulous! I do hope now you are aware of what it means to be a wedding guest.

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