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The quote “Life is a rolly coaster ride” wasn’t just conned because someone was jobless and in love with fairs, it was conned because life really is a rolly coaster ride, one day you are up and the next you are jolted from your happy place into a place that is dark and uncomprehending. When you find yourself in this situation what do you do? Do you allow it engulf you or do you take charge? Well I am here to tell you that you need to take charge, yes this might sound a little bit cliche but isn’t life a cliche?

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Turning your life around is easier said than done, it takes a lot of determination and self love to understand your self-worth. The trick however is to establish a set list of goals, long and short. Remember “If you fall you can only get back up again” so below is a list of straightforward steps you can take to turn your life back around;

1. We get caught up with work, so much so that we forget about the things that are important, sometimes it actually seems like nothing is moving forward, at this point take out a note pad and a pen and begin to list the things that you are grateful for, this gesture would bring a smile to your face and it would lift up your spirit.

2. Negativity can be found everywhere and I and you are also a part of this trend, how you ask? Well if you complain a lot then you are breathing negativity, challenge yourself to stop complaining for an entire day and see what happens, this practice would heighten your awareness and it would make you realize how much complaining affects your health and happiness.

3. In some moments you need to take a step back just to breath, meditation is the key, this ancient practice have been proven to calm anxiety and depression so its not a mirage its the real deal. Take 10 minutes just to meditate when you are feeling stressed.

4. Sometimes it happens that you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, when this happens you need to take charge and begin to set your goals. Start something great and turn your life around.

5. What you see stays imprinted in your mind forever, so a vision board is the way to imprint your goals into your mind. Collate pictures and stick them to your board, write down your ideas and stare at your finished board everyday to remind yourself of your goals.

6. Negativity doesn’t seat well with me neither should it you, so if you have any friend that’s always negative and raining on your positive parade then you need to call such person to order, if they still don’t change then its Bye Felicia. Toxic people are controlling and manipulative and you don’t need that in your life.

7. The struggle is real when it comes to making a change in your life, but changing your routine only gives room for you to develop yourself and use your energy in things that would help you grow. Establish a momentum towards positive result by tweaking your regular routine.

So one’s again I say to you Ladies! follow this 7 steps that will change your life and make sure to challenge yourself, change your perception, be positive and unbiased even when you are Mad as Hell.

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