Ladies! Are you dependent on make-up to look pretty? This one is for YOU! (Cavar Organic Skin Remedy).


“Do you have hyper-pigmented or discolored skin? Does your face lack radiance without make-up? Has acne and skin irritations made a home on your skin? Do you want to clear the acne on your face, chest and or back? Does your skin appearance make you feel uneasy?

Have you tried many ‘’popular-name’’ products and gotten no results?”

Well, look no further than “CAVAR Organic Skincare”. It has worked wonders for me!!

It is a home-made, all-natural, fully organic blend of herbal essences that help penetrate the skin on a deeper level than your average product. An African age-old secret recipe. It is made from all-natural skin cleansing ingredients for healthy & beautiful skin like red sandalwood powder, honey, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, in very precise and hand-measured quantities that help soothe irritations. It is an African black soap with a twist, handed down grandmothers from Oyo state.

Hello World

Cavar black soap has proven to be effective in the elimination of my recurring acne and blackheads by clearing excess oils from my skin, helping me to control, heal and prevent. Can you see the picture above? That’s me – before and after. Amazing right!?

I had used several specialty and foreign skincare products without much progress until I decided to go back to the roots. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait several months to begin seeing obvious improvements on my face. Within the 1st couple of weeks, friends started noticing the difference.

Cavar organic skin remedy is rich in antioxidants, and vitamins A, C & E- that fight off premature wrinkles and facial lines. It helps boost collagen production, clears out skin discolorations, firms and tightens skin as well as renew damaged cells.

It is a cost-effective remedy tailored to suit beauty needs and is also a popular choice for sensitive skin.  It has been proven effective in protecting the skin from free radical damage and excessive dryness, calms psoriasis and restores the original skin tone and elasticity of the skin.

Before & After

The best way to use for acne and hyper-pigmentation is to leave it on for about 2-5 minutes, morning and night. It contains absolutely no hidden ingredients that can irritate the skin. For me though, I recommend full use on the entire body, morning and night for all-round best results!

Like you must know, there are many African black soap products in the market, but this one is a masterpiece – the final bus stop for those of you, who like me, have tried several remedies in the past. Cavar black soap is mild yet effective. It contains no chemicals, artificial preservatives or inorganic ingredients, it is a valuable acne-fighter. It is suitable for all skin types as it heals, cleanses and moisturizes both dry and oily skin.

Don’t hesitate! Get your own today for just N3,500 or N5,000 for either the medium or big size respectively. Call Now on 08175131138… If you prefer it delivered to you or you would rather pick up from one of their locations, CLICK HERE-

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