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Ever head the phrase dress the way you want to be addressed? Whoever coined that quote knew what they were talking about because till this day in our so called exposed and enlightened society, fashion is a huge part of our lives – even more so than previous centuries.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it” – Edith Head

Edith Head knew what she was talking about, the costume designer surrounded herself with fashion and so her word is wisdom at this point. With reference to all this quotes, our fashion has to be worthy, it has to be attractive and it doesn’t matter where we are. Where is all this stemming from? you ask- Well we’ve found that many people believe that dressing up to ceremonies shouldn’t be that big of a deal. When we carried out this research we were in awe that people would make due of an almost ruined aso ebi attire just because they think the ceremony wasn’t worth them stressing over. If you think our eyes bulged then you are correct.

Ladies and ladies, it doesn’t matter where you are like I always say “You must come correct”, if you don’t, potential people that you ought to attract would not find their way to you, so think; think about what you are wearing even if it is ‘just’ aso ebi because this aso ebi might be the key to further opportunities.

To help you along here are some lace aso ebi styles made from the most popping fabric that you would find attractive;


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