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Asides from the Ankara we all know that the lace fabric is a top choice for Nigerian weddings. Wedding guest are either giving a choice to choose which wedding package they would like or they are giving a single choice, and these days the choice borders around the lace fabric.

I think the lace is such a curious fabric with only a single thing in common and that’s the threading and obvious embroidered style, asides this some lace fabrics can’t even be called lace at all, mostly because they are more overly colorful and wider than the typical lace. Either ways, the lace fabric is a beautiful fabric and a top choice for wedding or any traditional or cultural ceremony.

There are different grades to the lace fabric and with the recession you can barely find one that is below the five thousand Naira affordability mark; even with the obvious characteristic of been affordable, Nigerians don’t mind spending thousands to acquire a few yards.

The reason for this massive love has nothing to do with culture or the fact that the lace has also been a welcoming part of our ceremonial story, its more about the classiness and elegance of the fabric.

There’s something utterly chic about the lace fabric, it makes the wearer look really elegant even regal sometimes but in a fancy way. I guess this is why a lot of wedding parties have them as their package.

We’ve gathered some aso ebi lace styles that we think you should see, check them out below;


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Which Lace Aso Ebi Styles do you like best?

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