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Wow! It’s totally unbelievable to see an eighteen months old baby teach both the young and old how to rock various outfits on social media. Please ladies, give it up for our young fashionista and Kiddies Style CrushMayna Mashallah!

There’s nothing I love more than discovering talents and creatives while faffing around on Instagram. Maybe I would someday compile a list of some of my fave Instagram accounts. Well, in the course of going through some Instagram accounts of some fashionista kids, I stumbled on this pretty child, Mayna Mashallah. What I loved most about this angel was the way she worked with colours. Now, I’m not talking about makeup, because a lot of us know that she could be too young for such. I’m focused on her outfit. Of course, that truly makes her the young fashionista among her peers. It helps that she has such gorgeous skin tone which makes all she wears appreciable.

Mayna Mashallah is actually every mother’s dream girl. This is because she is simply too cute. Mere looking at her pictures, you would see through them, how cute she would look as an adult. You would envisage how she would pair her innate femininity with grace, and willpower, how she would always know what she wants and where she is going. Without further delay, here are lovely photos of this little inspiring fashionista;

style 1

Hello World

style 2

style 3

style 4

style 5

style 6

Thinking on crushing on any cute and adorable little girl? Think Mayna Mashallah henceforth. She is simply every mother’s dream daughter. Kudos to her mum!

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