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It’s so common to see our very outstanding ladies and gentlemen being celebrated on specific days of the week, but how often do we take time to equally adore our kids online?

It is true that many parents kick against their little kids being online, especially using the social media, this act is a little old fashioned now, as even some parents now make it a point of duty to adore their kids by creating a social media page being monitored by them alone. Well, such is the case of the parents of the Instagram kid with the handle @little_miss_chinchin.

I deliberately put up that handle so that what I see won’t be for me alone. Indeed, there are kids whose styles actually stand out, and Little Miss Chinchin as she is fondly called, is one of these very remarkable kids. This is the main reason she is to open the floor of our #KiddiesStyleCrush. We may have probably come across #Children’sDayStyleCrush, but this is quite unique.

In all, @little_miss_chichin has won herself this great honour, as she is everything called style. She does all the fashion you can ever think of on Instagram.

Her style is absolutely amazing as she can pull off almost every style, be it the hood dress, ballerina style, cartoon character outfits such as Mickey mouse, Barbie and many more.

Here are some amazing kiddies’ outfits from our kiddies style crush today;

style 1

Hello World

style 2

style 3

style 4

style 5

style 6

style 7

Indeed, Little Miss Chinchin is everything kiddies outfits or styles have got to do with. Your kids can mimic styles from this adorable kiddies style crush!

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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