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Of course, one needs no soothsayer to be told that the Easter holidays are over for our kids. It would be recalled that during the Easter holidays, our kids were absolutely free to rock hairstyles of all kinds, especially very long hairstyles or extensions, but now is one of those times to call them back to order. Even without you calling them to order, their school authority would definitely do that.

Most schools decide the type of hair your little divas should go on for that week, while some specify the types that are permitted in the school environment. In all, short hairstyles are the order of the day, as they best suit your kids at school.

Short hairstyles are so gorgeous! They always give you as well as your kids, a chic and edgy look and are so easy to maintain!

There are some latest short kiddies’ short hairstyles you might not be aware of so, get ready to experiment something new and different.

Your kids’ hairstyles say a lot about them and you, their mum therefore, you need to always remind yourself, and of course your children’s stylist,  that your children’s look must always be on point!

Therefore, the only way you can actualize this is having a creative and funky hairstylist for your kids, which would equally be mindful of the rules and regulations guiding the kiddies’ hairstyles of your kid’s school.

You should be aware of the trendy hairstyles your kids can rock to school always.  Take a look at some of our current faves regarding the kiddies’ short hairstyles;

Style 1:

style 1

Hello World

Style 2:

style 2

Style 3:

style 3

Style 4:

style 4

Style 5:

Style 6:

style 6

Style 7:

Just make your choice on which short hairstyle you prefer on your kids!

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