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What makes your babies thick? Kids of this days have a mind of their own, they definitely don’t want mummy or daddy dressing them up all the time. While they truly appreciate parental effort, they would much rather have their own way. The fascinating thing about this turn of events is the simple fact that this kids are actually stylish.

Would you have imagined that your two year old would walk into that store to pick something fabulous, or would you have thought that your 5 year old understood street fashion? Of cause not, kids are suppossed to be kids right, but don’t be decived because the most little cuties have a keen eye for style.

While we would say to you, go ahead and allow your kids to desplay their creative and eccentric side we do have to tell you to make sure you adjust where needs adjustment; for example if your little cutie likes to play by his/her own style rules you are obviously suppossed to give him/her a hand in selecting the right look.

Kids would always be kid’s lets face facts, even though they have a keen sense of style, playing with toys or cubics is ultimately more important than fashion most times, so of cause you know that on days like this you need to step in and fill in the blank spaces.

While you were busy working and being a mum, we were here scouring some cool looks you could try out on your kids; remember these cuties have a mind of their own, you should always seek their opinions first but that doesn’t stop you from arming yourself with ideas…

These kiddies fashion picks really has attitude;


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