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Many a time, we as adults and designers get inspired by most  English outfits we see and we fashion them into native wears with the use of our one and only African print which looks lovely on us.

The wedding reception is one place to find very exclusive Ankara styles, even kids these days are not in the habit of just rocking their normal English outfits to parties; you find them twinning with their parents in very lovely Ankara styles.

Well, I’d say the wedding reception is not the only place you can find kids rocking these lovely Ankara styles.

Here is the best place to be at this time, as you need not bother travelling all the way to another state to see what Ankara style best suits your little divas. Therefore, from pants to gowns and skirts, you have them all in various patterns and colours.

The concept here is to be proud of your African descent by having your little girl dress exclusively in a traditional outfit. Of course variety is the spice of life. One sometimes gets fed up with wearing just one pattern of outfit.

Well, if you think you are the only one who sometimes gets fed up with nailing the English attires, you could be wrong because you’ve got a mini you right under your roof who might be tired too. This is why you need to key into the native fashion world by dressing them up the African way.

Here are the kiddies’ Ankara styles your little divas should be rocking now;

Style 1:

style 1

Hello World

Style 2:

style 2

Style 3:

style 3

Style 4:

style 4

Style 5:

style 5

Style 6:

style 6


These kiddies’ Ankara styles are just the ones you can’t say no to!

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