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I am still in  the lovey dovey mood am bringing you another love related topic. we this has to do with wedding and for a wedding to take place it has to be love, well I want to believe so anyways. Every bride wants to look radiant and beautiful on their they do not want to leave any fashion stone “unturned”, its their day and they must look it to the least. In looking it there is the fashion statement of a bridal neckpiece, this is a compulsory to every bride as it adds more touch of glamour and style. There are different options to opt from and they are a wide range of types and prizes. There are some neccassry factors that a bride must consider in choosing a bridal neckpiece.

1. Budget: Yes your budget should be the first factor to think about when thinking your bridal neckpiece statement, ofcos you do not want to use a whole lot of your money to buy a bridal neckpiece and look for money to do other things or you would not want to buy on credit so as to buy a very big and mighty neckpiece. Truth is there is a wide range of options to choose from there is always going to be that one that falls into your budget. Do not give yourself a restless time because of a neckpiece.


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2. Your desired look: You have to understand the kind of look you want to have on your day, to understand/determine the kind of bridal neckpiece statement you would go with. Do you want to have the traditional look?. Do you want your bridal neckpiece to display this traditional look?. If the answers to these is a yes then you need a bridal neckpiece that would suit this look in every-way.

Edo bridal neckpiece look

3. The Outfit: Your outfit would also go a long way in determining the bridal neckpiece statement you would go with, the cut and design of the neck and if its a turtle neck, sweet heart neck, deep neck or even an off-shoulder all this would determine the choice you make.

The tube neckpiece look

4. Your color: The desired color for your outfit is another factor to consider before choosing that bridal neckpiece, you would not want contradicting colors to be contrasting on you thereby being a kind of repel for the eyes.

The green color neck piece look

5.The Length: The kind of length you have in mind is crucial in choosing the bridal neckpiece, some people love it short while others like it long, so you should consider this before getting that desired bridal neckpiece look.

The long neckpiece look


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