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Our celebrities always come through and that’s what I find most fascinating. The definition of a celebrity is “the state of being well known” and so this means we can add a lot more socialite’s to this list because they also have fans that appreciate them for what they bring to the table. Now that we’ve tossed the definition to the corner let’s get into what makes these celebrity so interesting and influential.

Typically celebrities are mainly entertainers, socialites and people in sports and so you their lives are always in our faces therefore we want to know what they eat, how they keep fit, their personal stories and most of all we are attracted to how they look – see that word there ‘ATTRACTION’ is the key word, that’s what triggers every other thing and celebrities know that their entire lifestyle depends of continuous attraction at least to a certain number of people. There is a certain way this famous people have to approach how they appear, there is need to focus on desirability – that’s what they’ve been playing on all this years (they’ve got our calling cards on that).

However, not all star’s are stylish and that’s why we don’t get to see them often because we are only attracted to them or we only desire them momentarily (the exception are musicians). Now for those we see all the time and are inspired by, they are always the most stylish, even Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is passionate about fashion and knows that fashion is the key to melting hearts. So, we have to give the celebrities on this list props because they’ve been consistently giving us inspiring pieces as often as they can.

These ladies are in the winning list their celebrity style is always on point and they’ve motivated us to do better…

Celebrity Style | Winning List


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