Getting dressed should be easy right? Well not so fast ‘amigo’ – as much as we all want to be our own fashion stylists we still have to pay mind to a lot of things and that’s where so many people falter. To avoid all the stress that comes in an attempt to be creative on your own we have a few ideas and a look book of  casual attires that would add a bit more finesse to your look this weekend;

Go for cute – this simply means you should rely on pretty and girly colours like pink and pastels, shoulder bearing outfit and frilly skirt/pants.


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Go for Glam – Let’s keep it 100% monotonous as that’s the easiest way to go glam these days; a single coloured outfit and accessory combination from head to toe is the right step to take this weekend.


Go for Gold – There would always be that style that wins everytime and ‘jeans’ is it. A vintage washed jeans or any other unique jeans paired with a crisp shirt, cute pumps and sunglasses is GOLD.


Go for the Shimmer – What makes more sense than sequin for a night time run in? If your answer is nothing then you are most certainly right as these look right here says it all.


Go with Class – It’s all about keeping your look classy and chic, this simple monochrome black and white combination offers you both.


Go sporty- The athleisure trend is one of the best things to happen this millennium; it provides comfort and its easy to style.


Be Inspired!

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