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As a foodie I always loved to try different things, I’ve never appreciated food that taste alike all the time. The wonders of cooking is the ability to surprise your taste bud every time. Growing up my two mums loved to use two brands of seasoning cube, they  separated each and used one for tomato sauce and the other for our local traditional soups. I never quite understood this reasoning but I had to conform with the rules. As time went by I got into school and I was challenged by the many taste I could feel and appreciate, I was intrigued and felt the seasoning cubes and seasoning powders were part of what created a different taste and yes Indeed I was right;


I’ve come a long way from those days, now I have converted my mums to my own ideology of taste, I now use herbs and spices, seasoning powders and other seasoning cubes but I still love mama’s favorite.

I asked some of my colleagues what their favorite seasoning cube is and if they prefer to use seasoning powder this is what they said;

Happiness: I’m not sure, I always end up buying seasoning cube every time I go to the market.

Motun: I used Knorr aromat when I was schooling abroad, I can’t seem to find it here so I use the cubes instead.

Aaron: Am a guy, all this doesn’t make any difference to me (note that I rolled my eyes when he gave this reply)

Uche: I use both, I got converted to powder when someone gave me Maggi mixpy as a wedding favor.

Yemi: I love Onga, so if am not buying the cubes am buying the powder. Am okay with both.


Whats your favorite seasoning cube and how far can you compromise? After the question I and my colleagues went into a debate and I can only know who stands correct if you all answer this questions honestly.


Which of this seasoning would you rather use when preparing your delicacies?
Maggi Mixpy
18 Vote
Knorr Aromat
47 Vote
Royco Cubes
10 Vote
Onga Seasoning Cubes
14 Vote


How often do you use seasoning powder?
Very Often
48 Vote
18 Vote
8 Vote
2 Vote


Which of this brands do you think is the best in the market?
58 Vote
12 Vote
Maggi Star
11 Vote
7 Vote


What brand of seasoning powder do you prefer to use?
Knorr Aromat
45 Vote
0 Vote
1 Vote
Onga Seasoning
24 Vote


Do you use seasoning powder to prepare any of this dishes?
Jollof Rice
66 Vote
Traditional Soup
17 Vote
Tomato Stew
37 Vote


Would You Replace seasoning cube with seasoning powder?
22 Vote
52 Vote


Which one is easier to use?
Seasoning Cube
52 Vote
Seasoning Powder
18 Vote

Would you replace seasoning cube with sea salt? Share your answers with us.

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