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It’s been really cold since June and it’s not going to let up until sometime in September or October and so we are in for more coolness. While it would be fun to wear dresses on days when it’s not freezing, jeans are all you need when it is raining why? Comfort and warmth anyone… We need warmth but we also need something that is quite comfortable and this is where jeans come in. They are mostly made up of layer’s and layers of threaded cotton and so they provide a lot of warmth because of the texture and thickness.


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Jeans also fit into everything you might want to do with the exception of wearing it to a wedding ceremony or some formal event. However for some semi formal functions like going out on a date or perharp’s something formal like heading to work (for business casual – casual offices only) Jeans are quite handy how? We would prove that to you, keep reading to find out more…

How to style your jeans this raining season








There are several ways to style your jeans and we’ve proved that in the guide book above. Now all you need to do is implement this in real time and you would be just fine.

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