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YouTube Blogger and Makeup Blogger is here again with another review; Following her last review of the kkw beauty contour cream palette the YouTube(r) had been involved in some social media raucous involving herself, Kim Kardashian and Jefferee Stars but it seems like the blogger has no qualms as she is reviewing the KKW Contour & Highlight Powder Palette.


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According to Jackie Aina a lot of people have been requesting that she do a tutorial video showing how well the kit works with black skin tone, however she makes mention of dark skinned beauty blogger Neyma who tested the kkw beauty contour cream palette in deep black and whose outcome was almost hilarious as it was upsetting since the contour made no difference on her skin tone (yes darling we watched the video when it was uploaded).



Jackie decided to attend to the request by ordering the set to review; without giving so much out just know that this review would definitely help you make the correct choice if you were thinking of ordering the KKW Contour & Highlight Powder Palette.

Watch this review video to gain necessary knowledge;

Source: YouTube – Jackie Aina

Y’all know that watching makeup review help us to make the best and most informed decision; Rather than waste money on products that wouldn’t work well for our skin tone, its always best to look out for makeup review videos.

Because the beauty industry is always extra, there would be more beauty products before the year runs out and so make sure to always look out for reviews that are targeting beauty products that are targeted to the dark skin beauty market.

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