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Some people find love through the internet, while others are defrauded. The rate of those that find true love through dating sites, Facebook, twitter and other social media sites are very low in comparison to those who are defrauded. Every year studies show the increasing rate of those who fall into the hands of fraudsters on the internet. As it turns out, you can never be too careful because this fraudster’s have devised means that seem very real but don’t be fooled it might be an illusion. This story send by one of our readers is one of those stories that get you thinking, there is something to learn.


Hello World

Hello Amaka,

     My names are Abigail, am a student and an internet freak. recently i met a guy on Facebook and we chatted a little and exchanged contacts,i mistakenly made a Facebook call to him and we spoke.
He told me that he is in Nigeria for his father’s burial and that his wife was late and that e has a 10years old daughter who lives with his mother in Jos.(he lives in America and claims to work with Shell oil company)
It din’t take long though before he started talking to me about how he needed a good woman who would be his wife and also care for his daughter…
just within a week he sent me his mother’s phone number and i called the woman.hearing from her made me believe that everything he was saying was thye truth ,i even spoke with the daughter and in my heart i was already down for it.i gave him my parent’s number and told my parent about him,what i din’t tell him was how we met and how long we knew.my parent were happy and prayed for us.
All this happened in less than a week,then he said he was travelling back but will return the next month to go and see my people,i was really happy and told some of my fiends who felt it was too good to be true and too scary to be real.I ignored all that and felt lucky,i called his mom everyday she was always happy when i called and showered prayers on me,
But o the night he was supposed to travel ,he called me that he was at the airport and promised to call immediately he landed in America.i wished him safe journey,few minutes later,my mom called and said he called her to inform her that he was about to leave….The next day i waited but there was no call,so i called his mother to know if he had spoken to her already,but every time i called the line would be cut from the other end,i called like ten times and the same thing happen,
I am scared because i involved my dear parent in this,i feel like it’s another facebook prank and fraudster .
PLEASE ADVICE ME,this is important to me
Dear Abigail
Am going to keep it real, you messed up big time. The fact that you got your parents involved was a terrible idea, you’ve only known this guy through the internet and you are so swoon not only by his promises but by the fact that you think you have landed a big fish. Now what do you do? The best way is to tell the truth before it Is too late, I want to believe your parents would understand and they would be glad nothing terrible has happened.
I cannot categorically tell you if this man is a fraudster or not, but I want to assume he would try to reach you in the future and come up with whatever lie it is to get money out of you or your parents so I advice you to be very careful.
Please refrain from doing anything like this in the future. I do wish you the best of luck.
Many people have fallen victim to fraudsters for different reasons, Abigail here is confused and she needs your guidance and help. Please leave your tips and advice in the comment section below.
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