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Over the past years I have found some common pitfalls that women who want to get married negligently fall into which reduces their chances of getting married while they are still young enough to walk down the aisle and one of this pitfalls is living together before marriage. Living together doesn’t guarantee marriage, But it is a smart precursor for people to figure out if they can live together in peace and best when both partners are ready for marriage. When your significant other is not ready for marriage its not best to live together as lots of commitment would have been sacrificed.


Hello World

I have been engaged to my boyfriend for 5 years, after we dated for 3 months, he engaged me and asked me to move into his house , I did and since then we have been living together. But what still baffles me is that he always ask me to abort each time am pregnant, and I have aborted 4 babies. I asked him and insisted he used protection, but he said he will not feel me that way .Even my family have been very worried but I keep making excuses for him. I got upset one day and sold the engagement ring, lying to him that I misplaced it , do you no this guy bought me another one , and they are all gold. I called him yesterday, sat him down and we had a very long talk , he said I should give him 3 more years, he will go do the right thing . I don’t know what to do , am scared of leaving because my whole world has been built around him .If I leave with the scarcity of men now, how do I get another? I will now have to date for years again before he finally marries me ?Am so confused , I need serious opinions  If this guy don’t marry me I might run mad .Am I sure he is not married ?Too many questions .I need answers,

Dear Worried

The process of two becoming one is not an easy task, Regardless if it’s moving in together or being in a relationship. The healthiest of relationshipS allows both partners to be themselves and have individual tastes, Desires and activities. Living with your significant other before getting married can be pretty rewarding but not all the time, You have just wasted 5 years of your life and killed 4 of your babies all to satisfy your boyfriend. How are you sure he will marry you? What is the whole idea of staying together if it is not to get married.

It is better to leave respectfully and mourn the 5 years you have wasted than wait for him to dump you in the next 3 years. If he was not ready for marriage why ask you to stay with him? You don’t need to be negative about yourself you were living before this guy came into the picture so your life will continue if you let him go, It doesn’t take decades for you to meet your prince charming. If you wait for another 3 years you will commit more abortions and might loss your chances of being a mother when you get married so its better you let him go and for new opportunities to come your way.

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