My Lovely Ladies!

It’s good to know that I’m already cruising the weekend; just catching fun the way I had always wanted to do. You too must have tried going to that party, going on a date or having a girls’ hangout.

There’s actually what is known as dos and don’ts in every aspect of the human life. In all these ways you’ve thought of having a nice treat this weekend, there are things expected of you as a lady; you can call it etiquette if that’s what you wish to. It looks like a lady’s life is monitored, especially in this African society. Being aware of this, you need to put away those unladylike characters.


Hello World

Here are some unladylike characters you should endeavour to do away with, especially in public;

  1. Posting trashy selfies: This is a trend that looks like it’s not  going away anytime soon. No matter a lady’s age, she just loves to post selfies on the social media. The truth is, if you want people to see you as a lady, keep the drunken selfies, such as the ones where you aren’t wearing much clothing and similar poses, to yourself.  Also try quitting  with that duck face because it’s just not ladylike.

  2. Drinking excessively: I agree it’s totally fun going out and having a few drinks with the girls, but the truth is, no lady looks classy when she’s falling down drunk. Plus, you say and do things that you otherwise wouldn’t and that can make for some embarrassing mornings after. Facing your co-workers or your date from the night before would be difficult after this.
  3. Gossiping: Really, gossip is in two forms; the good and bad. The bad gossip is common among girls; They badmouth parents whom they feel are super irritating, or do the same on fellow girls. Well, you can’t change their behaviour, but you can change yours. No lady badmouths her loved ones behind their backs.Go ahead and own how you’re feeling, but don’t call your #best friend and rant and rave.

For the last time cuties, put away those unladylike characters. You just might be doing yourself some good.

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