Hey Lovelies

🎵🎤 Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard🎶.

Thank you Katy Perry for reminding us on how to have the best time. If you are single then the thoughts about a beau should not distract you and if you are not single then you need to leave bea at home because it’s about to get lit! today. There’s nothing as fantastic as having your girls come together to have a good time. It’s like drop the shackles for a moment and just have good ol’ crazy fun. How long have you guys been together? You know you need to mend that vibe and come back in sync which has been broken thanks to other relationships and life in general.

Now while you think of swiping on that red lipstick as you re-unite with your femme fatale listening to the best songs about party and girlfriends, you need to also dress for the occasion and those mum jeans would not do. So we have some fun ideas for you, this options all depends on where you are headed to in the first place. Ladies night can move from hanging out at the spa feeling fancy wrapped in a plush towel to taking shots at the bar. Basically there are plenty of options that you can kick back in this Friday.

Find out what they are by scrolling through…

Ladies Night | Style Guide

Option 1 – Spa Date


Hello World

Option 2 – Hitting The Bar


Option 3 – Find me In The Club


Option 4 – Sleep Over


Options 5 – Long Movie Date


Option 6 – An evening with dishes


Be inspired!

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