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I got married @the age of 21yrs on Esther day 2008 I have a kid and my husband divorced me and married another Lady just 3months we separated that was on the 5th june 2011 luckily for me that was the very day I was called to served my dear country(nigeria) that was the day all the pains and humiliation he cursed me disappeared( Thank U Lord), the horrible issue is that after 3months in my serving(NYSE) my husband went to the village battled with my mom drag the baby and ran away with him without even thinking of how the baby have been surviving. Even in the present of my Dad but those who never understand what the world is changing to keep washing and took everything viral in the village, I never knew what was the caused of our divorced until someone told me my husband gist them that I don’t really satisfied him each time we do make love and my cooking is wrong but I dis concord cos we dated for good 4-5urs before we wedded and we knew each other thirst for $3x or cook. Though we’ve been separated for over 5yrs now but the issue here is that” is my baby of 2yrs he ran away with still alive? I reported the case to the law of this country but all to no avail. Admin tell me what do I do? How do I deal with him both physically or spiritually cos I seen that the law of this land can’t fight the matter. Today I thank God for his love and mercy, for His protection and kindness in my poor life.

Dear Sister,

Hello World

Wow this is a rather serious one, don’t you know where his family stays or his parents or someone that stands in position of an elder to him? who you can go and ask about where he is with your child. It is not easy being separated from your child, a lot of emotional pain goes on from the thought of how the child is coping keeps coming up  in your mind.

First step is to try to locate him so you can know the where about of your baby, this you can do on your own without having to hurt anyone, when you locate him and the stories you hear of your child are not soothing then you can report him to authorities I’m sure they would look into it then, maybe the way you are putting in the case is making them think you are just being bitter but by the time our Nigerian police see’s that you have a point they would try to back you up, and there are some human rights women agencies also who are out there like WRAPA which can help you get custody of your child.

Secondly unless you would like to resolve issues it is best for you to stay clear from him, let anything you discuss with him be strictly about your child, so you do not get anything mixed up that would endanger your reach to your child. Remember to put the thought of your child above anything else.

Please do not think of taking laws into your hands, please, because anything that happens to him now all fingers would be pointed at you please do not take laws in your hands, I’m sure you would want to be alive and free to take care of your child.

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